Empowering Students for a Brighter Future

Leadership, Educational Achievement and Prosperity


The mission statement and purpose of the Leadership, Educational Achievement and Prosperity (LEAP) organization is to remove barriers that limit student success.  Our goal is to ensure the Latino students in our public schools graduate with the ability to pursue post-secondary education options of their choice.  For many of those students, they previously considered those options beyond their reach.

We will accomplish this by working closely with community businesses and post-secondary institutions to provide and promote personal mentoring, scholarships, internships and employment during their academic training



We believe it is the right and responsibility of every child to work and learn to better themselves. We want to help Latino students have access to a post-secondary education.


We recruit and work closely with community members to provide personal mentoring. These mentors are critical in supporting students as they achieve success.


All students need an opportunity to practice the skills they learn in school. We promote internship opportunities with local businesses to help students apply what they have learned.


Completing school is just the first part of the journey. By working with local businesses, we promote employment opportunities.


We promote parent involvement. We support increased effective communication between the schools and the Spanish-speaking community. It is important to celebrate the contributions of Latino students and their families.


These student will enhance and become valuable members of the community.  In turn, they will help mentor the next generation.

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Recipient at Awards Ceremony